Unni Wilhelmsen

Unni Wilhelmsen

With a career encompassing nearly 3000 concerts, 8 album releases and numerous artistic collaborations, UNNI WILHELMSEN is one of Norway’s most sought-after artists. With her guitars, captivating songs and entertaining stories, Unni always provides her audience with a unique musical experience.

As she continuously explores every corner of Norway with her music, not much ground is left which Unni hasn’t covered. Still, the tiniest, most intimate venues are her favoured concert settings, where she can see each and every face and connect with her audience. In addition to her own songs – including her top hits Anything ’bout June, Won’t go Near you Again and Everyone’s Honesty – and beautiful covers – from Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now to Lana del Rey’s Video Games, Unni skillfully masters the art of storytelling, captivating her audience with amusing anectodes about her songs and how they came into existence – evoking  both tears of laughter and compassion.

Unni made her breakthrough with the release of her debut album To Whom it May Concern in 1996, for which she received two Norwegian Grammy Awards: ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Female Artist of the Year’. She instantly established herself as a mediator of a folk music/singer-songwriter genre previously virtually untouched in Norway – a genre which since has become an integral part of Norwegian popular music culture.

In addition to her solo concerts, Unni has been a member of world-famous crime author Jo Nesbø’s band Di Derre since 2013. She also plays in an increasingly popular trio with Sol Heilo (known from Katzenjammer) and Hanne Mari Karlsen, as well as her own band, consisting of herself, Ronny Johnsen and Ole Jørn Myklebust.

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