With courage, creativity and love of improvisation and experimentation, the indiejazz trio FALKEVIK combines the Nordic jazz tradition with quirky and elegant pop melodies that will linger in your ear. Vocalist and pianist Julie Falkevik Tungevåg – whose clear and unique voice instantly mesmerises the listener – playfully explores the soundscapes of the piano by applying live electronics and effects to her playing, which, in turn, gives the music a distinctive electronic vibe.

Although the members of Falkevik come from different backgrounds, they all have in common a well-established foothold as skilled musicians in the young Norwegian jazz scene. Together they create a fascinating musical sphere in which they confidently merge the singer-songwriter style, lyrical instrument passages, riff-based solos and the flexibility of a jazz trio; Falkevik demonstrates tremendous versatility as well as thrilling inventiveness.

Falkevik released their debut album Louder Than I’m Used To in October 2018 with a following release tour in Norway and Germany. Due to high demand from fans, the trio is all set for a new tour in Germany this autumn.
The album received stunning reviews:

«Falkevik stands out amongst this autumn’s best new names»
Dagsavisen, 5/6

«Falkevik has undeniably found its musical identity and deliver a compelling debut».
Aftenposten, 5/6

«Wow. That stands out, and rightly so. […] Original, exciting, entertaining – that’s how jazz can reach the masses.»
LP Magazin

«Louder Than I’m Used to establishes itself well above the average standard of debut releases».
Norway Rock Magazine

«Louder than I’m used to ist ein spannandes Aufeinandertreffen»
InMusic, 5/6

«Falkevik machen Piano-Trio-Jazz zugänglich, ohne die intellektuelle Basis dabei zu verwässen.»
CDstarts.de, 7/10

«[…] This is a band that manages to build a bridge between jazz and pop, bringing fans from both genres closer together. […] perhaps one of the most beautiful albums of the year.»
Petter Wallace (petterwallace.com)


This is Falkevik:
Julie Falkevik Tungevåg (piano, effects and vocals)
Ellen Brekken (bass)
Marius Trøan Hansen (drums)


 For booking enquiries, please get in touch at +47 22 92 50 40 / post@backstage.no

Download press image:

Photo: Giu Rebelo 2018

Download press image:

Photo: Gui Rebelo 2018