Göran Fristorp

Göran Fristorp

GÖRAN FRISTORP is one of the leading singer-songwriters and jazz musicians of Scandinavia. With his eminent guitar play, soft voice and remarkable versatility, he captivates his audience from the moment he enters the stage.

His work includes collaborations with many of Sweden’s greatest musicians, such as Sven-Bertil Taube and Putte Wickman.
Fristorp’s extensive discography encompasses 27 albums. His latest release from 2018 – Göran Fristorp sjunger Edfelt (Göran Fristorp sings Edfelt) – contains a selection of musical interpretations of the works of Swedish poet Johannes Edfelt.

Fristorp’s collaboration with Sven-Bertil Taube – widely known for representing the musical legacy of his father Evert Taube – the duo constitutes the foremost conveyors of the Swedish singer-songwriter heritage. With Taube’s personal take on his father’s work, combined with Fristorp’s intensity and guitar virtuosity, they create musical magic.

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Foto: Nils Olof