Kari Slaatsveen

Kari Slaatsveen

Award-winning presenter, writer, causeur and radio profile Kari Slaatsveen is widely known for her soft radio voice, her eminent taste in music and subtle sense of humour.

From 1989 to 2017, Kari has been a permanent fixture at NRK (Norwegian Broadcast Corporation), where she co-created and hosted numerous successful radio shows, for which she received the award for “Best Radio Host” in 2005.

She works actively as a writer, her columns frequenting several of the country’s leading newspapers and magazines. Additionally, keeping the radio medium close to her heart, she is a keen podcast producer, currently to be heard in podcast series da! Easy Listening from the archives of Morgenbladet and Velopod, the latter delving into everything bicycle-related. Moreover, Kari has her own concert series – Lille Sal Sessions – at Oslo Concert Hall. She also enjoys various collaborations with other entertainers, such as Ingrid Bjørnov, Stian Carstensen and Finn Bjelke.

A household name, Kari Slaatsveen is one of our most accomplished and sought-after presenters and creator of commissioned texts. Her experience encompasses a wide range of events and companies ranging from symphony orchestras to Governmental departments. With her unique blend of professionalism and quick wit, Kari is a sound choice for host or presenter for any event.

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Foto: Erika Hebbert
Foto: Sara Holmer