Brede Bøe

Brede Bøe

Brede Bøe is a multitalented stage entertainer, comedian and singer, and has become a legend in Norwegian entertainment history.

Since Brede made his stage debut on local theatres at age 18, his career accelerated swiftly. Only a few years later, the biggest Oslo stages were at his feet. Over the years, his career has included performances in Oslo’s ABC-teateret, Chat Noir, the Dizzie Theater, Oslo Nye and Edderkoppen.

 Brede made a comeback with a solo show in 2015 in Moss. The show received a warm reception by the critics and was repeated the year after. In December 2017 he was back in Oslo, this time with the children’s show Askepotts Jul (Cindrella’s Christmas), which sold out all performances, including extra shows.

Brede Bøe is a popular presenter and entertainer. He can host events or give acts combined of verbal humour and music.

For booking enquiries, please get in touch at +47 22 92 50 40 / post@backstage.no

Foto: Martina Svarem (2018).