Siri Nilsen

Siri Nilsen is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and musician. She writes personal lyrics and plays the ukulele in a pizzicato-fingerpicking style, both acoustically and with the backing of her band. The additional incorporation of electronica elements creates a modern Scandinavian soundscape.

Her music is most commonly referred to as folk pop. Music critics collectively praise the clarity and range of her voice, characterising it as unique, beautiful, melancholic and innocent.

After her debut as stage artist in 2007, Siri has appeared on a wide range of venues and festivals in Norway. Her debut album from 2009, Vi som ser i mørket (We who see in the dark) received a warm welcome. Following the success, Siri’s second album, Alle snakker sant (They all speak the truth) was released in 2011 and went straight to the bestseller list and was nominated for a Norwegian Spellemann Award in the category Best Female Artist. The album saw its UK release the following year, and the British music critics were thrilled: The Guardian’s Chris Salmon labelled Siri’s music as “a gorgeous slice of peppy folk-pop” whilst Music OMH wrote that “she is remarkably adept at combining bright colours with subtle hints of darkness”.

Siri’s third album release in 2014, Skyggebokser (Shadow Boxer) earned her three nominations for the Spellemann Awards: Best Singer-Songwriter, Best Composer and Best Lyrics, the latter won by her.

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